My childhood was filled with creativity, music and magic. I have always had a passion for Art and Design. After completing an Introductory Certificate in Contemporary Maori Design at Massy University, I was inspired to choose Industrial Design as my major subject. I graduated with an honours degree in 2003. I worked at Weta for 8 years. I love the creativity and passion of the people that work there. Jewellery and the concept of wearable art have interested me for a long time. This, the fantasy films I have worked on, and the skills I have learnt at Weta, have led me to design and make the "Fly Away Home" series.

The "Fly Away Home" series is inspired by flight and creatures that fly. It aims to express the beauty, enchantment and mysterious nature of flight. Butterfly, cicada and dragonfly forms, cellular wing patterns, repetition of shape, colour and removal of structure all work together to create the designs. Soft, silver leather is used as a light weight natural canvas. Each piece is laser cut and hand painted by myself, with colour being inspired by New Zealand's flying creatures and beautiful natural landscape. It is my hope that the wearer feels soft movements in the jewellery and is reminded of the beauty and free nature of flight.

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