Designed in of Portland USA, Sock It to Me make quality socks with unique and funky designs. It all started with a tent at an outdoor market, a desk in a messy bedroom, and the courage to approach their very first wholesale customer, Naked City in Portland, who still sells the socks to this day. The story really began for company director Carrie Atkinson at age 26, when her search for a "real job? came up short. With a good job history, college degree, and earnest motivation, she found it hard to believe she couldn't find work let alone, work that was satisfying. It was then Carrie remembered the amazing socks she had fallen in love with in Korea while teaching English there years earlier. They were thick, stretchy, colourful, and affordable. Carrie thought people back in the States might also like them. So after a good year and a half of deliberation, Sock it to Me was born in 2004.

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