Ceramic Light House
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Ceramic Light House

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Another amazingly detailed piece from Romina of Fruitfire. These 3-dimensional decorative LightHouses acknowledge the Edison bulb and each bulb has its own unique look. They’re easily hung from a hole at the back, and self-propped level with the wall.

Romina assembles, glazes and fires each piece in her home studio and makes all her own molds from hand-sculpted shapes and found objects. These form the various components that come together to make one vessel.

Romina uses a porcelain clay slip and mixes her own colours using stains and some commercial glazes and lusters.

Each piece takes many hours of hands-on time as well as 3-5 firings to complete. Because her vessels are 100% handmade, no two are identical and slight imperfections are part and parcel of each object. Each vessel is fired to 2160°F (1185°C) in an electric kiln and is safe for functional use.
Height: 180mm
Width: 130mm
Depth: 100mm
Hole in back for hanging.

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Price: $328.00
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