After a successful career as a professional photographer, Gavin has returned to his first passion: working with wood. His work incorporates woodturning and woodcarving to produce a diverse range of bowls that are a pleasure to look at and an experience to hold.

Gavin’s process of creating his wooden bowls starts with his early morning walks with the dog. Not only is the time to think and dream so important to his bowl design but this is the time when he finds trees that have been brought down in storms – coming back with a chainsaw to harvest and carry home the wood for his next bowl or artwork. This windfall timber can be seasoned for years before being turned or, more likely, turned while still ‘green’ to work with the movement and personality in the wood. He tries to approach every bowl with the mindset that it will, one day, become a family heirloom. This, he says, frees him up to spend the time necessary to achieve just the right shape, balance and finish that each piece deserves.

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