The Vault is an environmentally conscious and active organisation. 75% of our goods are made in New Zealand so the carbon miles that have gone into their transport is minimal compared with imported goods. We work with our artists and suppliers to encourage them to use biodegradable packaging. For your purchases in store we use paper bags and we also have a great selection of reusable shopping bags for you to purchase. For orders placed through our online store we use Eco satchels which are made from plants and are compostable, for large orders we use recycled cardboard boxes. We seek out products that have good eco credentials or made from recycled materials.


Of course ALL our NZ made goods are made under Fair Trade conditions. We question our suppliers of imported products about the labour standards of their producers. Many kiwi designers work with small artisan family operations in countries like Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand. We will not stock goods if we know they are made under unfair labour conditions. We always question all our overseas sourced suppliers about their factories and hope to raise consciousness about the importance of fairer world trade.