Beewax Candle Circle Wide Pumpkin
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Beewax Candle Circle Wide Pumpkin

Beewax Candle Circle Wide Pumpkin

With earthy tones and odd shapes, these candles aren't meant to be perfect. Made using 100% pure NZ beeswax, a cotton wick and natural vegetable dyes, Master & Jack's candles are made to make a statement (and sometimes, they don't even get burned they're too pretty!).

Beeswax is an excellent wax known to neutralise odours by emitting negative ions, cleaning the air of odours and bacteria. They are fragrance free and hypoallergenic, free from any artificial fragrances. Beeswax candles last longer than other types of wax and burn brighter but due to the nature and shape of our candles, those will all burn differently and you can expect your candle to burn through the middle.

There can be imperfections with using such a natural product. This won't deter from the candle's integrity and is simply aesthetics. There may also be colour variations due to batches of wax.

NB: Always stay within sight of your candle at all times and use a drip tray. Use a metal sustainer on the bottom of the wick to protect surfaces but when your candle gets low, keep an eye on it. Recommend using baking paper under your candle as it makes for easy collection once the wax is dry. Melted wax on surfaces is hard and sticky to remove, but if your drip tray is oven-proof you can put in the oven on a low temperature to melt and remove wax.

Re-using wax
When your candle has finished burning, you can either melt down your wax into melts for an oil burner or re-use in a candle. Simply melt down in an old heat-proof jar using the double-boiler method. Once melted, stick a wick to a new heat-proof jar or old candle jar and pour wax into it. Let it set before relighting. 

Approx size: 
Width: 90mm
Depth: 50mm
Height: 85mm
Burn time approx 18+ hours
Price: $31.50
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