Crossing Scapula Neckpiece Silver
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Crossing Scapula Neckpiece Silver

Simple, handcrafted sterling silver double over pendant. This chain has a cross pendant at both ends, you double it around your head and wear as a layered necklace.

The Crossing theme is all about a simple, good looking, and well crafted piece of jewellery that offers a simple symbol and a vessel to carry personal meaning - for someone to give or to be given. But - you could say it's a pretty piece of jewellery that dresses up or down - elegantly tapered wedges with a cut through cross symbol positioned on each blade to catch gazes. The tilted cross - maybe it's a sweet spot, a cross hair, a hard won victory, a destination, a location, an affectionate kiss on each cheek, a rough crossing, a first, then second, grievous wound, perhaps it's the power and potency of the XX chromosome expression, or maybe a different way of looking through the ages - 20 becomes 40 becomes 20, a Quixotic tendency, a disrupted faith, two strikes, high stakes and precise alignments within haphazard swings...
But for all that - there's room still for other myths, histories, new junctions, pathways, whims and stories...
What do you see?

Chain Length: 110mm
Crossing charm: 25mm x 5mm
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