Propeller Vase DSPV-12
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Propeller Vase DSPV-12

Propeller Vase DSPV-12

Propeller Vase DSPV-12

Propeller Vase DSPV-12


This Propeller DSPV-12 Vase has been handcrafted by New Zealand ceramic artist Romina Marinkovich of Fruitfire. 

Lost relics from the deep sea inspire this DSPV propeller vase. This vessel has a time worn patina, as though brought to the surface after decades on the ocean floor. The inside is glazed in clear gloss making it suitable as a vase, or it can hold its own as a stand-alone piece.

Romina assembles, glazes and fires each piece in her home studio and makes all her own molds from hand-sculpted shapes and found objects. These form the various components that come together to make one vessel.

Porcelain clay slips are used and Romina mixes her own colours, using stains and some commercial glazes and lusters.

Height: 250mm
Width: 115mm
Diameter: 190mm

Click here for info on Fruitfire and to see more of the range.

Price: $375.00
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