NICK VON K Auckland, NZ

Aucklander Nick Von Klawill has been designing and making jewellery since the 90s, including a range that The Vault sold for many years. His style is very eclectic and some would say eccentric! A self-confessed collector, Nick surrounds himself with a rare and interesting mix of inspirations, all of which influence his jewellery range.

"I’m a magpie so my studio is tumbling with a collection of the strange and wonderful things I have found. There are skulls galore including a duck, a monkey, a bear, a dog, a cat and even a replica sabre tooth tiger. There are also whale teeth, carved bits of deer antler or mammoth ivory, unusual wooden ornaments, ancient padlocks from India, steel sculpture from my time as a blacksmith, rare crystals, exotic butterflies, beautiful feathers and lots of small handcarved bits and pieces. I find inspiration in many different things.”

Manufacturing his designs in Bali has enabled Nick to incorporate hand carved elements from organic materials such as semi- precious stones, mother of pearl shell, deer antler and black buffalo horn.

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